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MS online 05.10.20

It’s everything we did this week to interact with Middle School students online!

Wednesday Online Youth Group:

Star Wars Enactment

We asked students to retreat their favorite scene from any of the 9 Star Wars movies! It went pretty well! This time we learned our lesson though and DIDN’T use copyrighted music of any kind.

Quick on the Draw

Easy game from DYM! We actually had students submit ideas to us and we put those into Pick Me. You should pick up this game for your next Zoom!


Funny images for a crazy time. There are some in the resources folder below!


Signs and Warnings

We talked about the temptations that come our way and how God has given us a way to escape! God is with us when we go through hard times and that should be an encouragement to us! The leader questions we used are in the resource folder!


Friday Zoom Lunch:


Star Wars for Days

This week’s Zoom lunch was super chill. I asked who had watched any Star Wars movie this week and what everyone’s weekend plans for Mother’s Day were. Simple and easy and a great way to spend time with students!

Sunday Lesson:

This was the second week of Scott Huff’s “Unplugged” series. This week we talked about HOW we pray and it was a great lesson. I included a week long prayer guide in the resource folder for you!

Unplugged series:

All the Free Resources:

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