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Okay, we admit it’s wishful thinking. The pandemic isn’t quite over. In some places, it’s as bad as ever. But we are both vaccinated, so we are feeling like we’ve awakened from a bad dream and are ready to move forward.

That being said, there are some serious challenges ahead. The “return to normal” we’ve all clamored for isn’t reality. There will be a new way forward, and things will never quite be the same.
So now that the pandemic is over…what’s next?

To that end, we are presenting a new 3-part series.

In part 2, after we discuss Steve’s new pizza oven, we talk about YOUTH MINISTRY PROGRAMMING. What is next for youth ministry world? We are all clamoring to get back to “normal,” and first inclination is to immediately begin everything we were doing before. We miss the energy, the excitement, the room full of students and the bus trip to camp every other weekend. But is that the wisest thing? Would we be better served to step back and evaluate what we were doing before to see if it’s the best thing to do in the future?

We think so. We think this is an unprecedented (that freakin’ word again!) time to throw everything on the table, wrestle it to the ground, and decide if it’s the best idea or just the thing we’ve always done.

And here are two killer questions to ask ourselves along the way:

Are we willing to kill our own sacred cow?
And are we willing to support ideas we don’t like, but might be best?

In the meantime, we suggest doing at least one thing that feels like throwing candy from a float this summer.

Hope you enjoy episode 97.

Next up – Post Pandemic Soul Care with our good friends Jessica and James in episodes 98 and 99.

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