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Brock is back from sabbatical, if you can call it that. A month off–albeit with two interruptions, a speaking engagement, and painful back issues. But there was also a trip to San Diego, another trip to London, and some sweet time with God. So, in hindsight, what did Brock learn about himself, about his identity in Christ, and what it is that keeps us in youth ministry? How do we do what we do without letting it be who we are? Later, we talk about what we consider “success.” In a time when youth ministry is harder than ever–when so many students walk away (see last week’s episode) and the cultural forces are working overtime against us and our students–how do we know it’s not all in vain? Where do we define the win, and where do we find it? The answer may surprise you.
Welcome back, Brock. We are Brockless no more!

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