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It’s February and we’re still Brock-less. However, Shannon and Steve got together to talk about Valentine’s Day, the Super Bowl, and more importantly — Youth Ministry. What happens when our students surpass their parents in spiritual maturity? Sometimes it’s students from nonChristian backgrounds, but it can also be students from within the church. How do we challenge them to keep growing and pursuing Jesus but not undermine their parents? We also talk about the painful reality of when students we know and love suddenly drop off the face of the earth. Every youth worker experiences this. How do we strike a balance between pursuing the kid who’s ghosting us, but letting them go for our emotional preservation? Shannon also gives another plug for the Barbie movie, while Steve recommends a classic Robin Williams movie, and another movie about… chess? We also give a teaser for our first-ever Sherpa interview, coming later this month. It’s Episode 13 of the Youth Ministry Sherpas Coast to Coast, so roll down the windows and let’s get started! We are proud members of the Download Youth Ministry Podcast Network https://www.downloadyouthministry.comWatch us on YouTube! Follow us on Instagram! Email us at youth [email protected]

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