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We’ve all experienced the outreach gone wrong. (Hint: It usually involves a lock-in.) In this episode, we talk about some recent outreach events we’ve done and share nightmares from the past. Then we back up and talk about the reason for doing them in the first place. What is the purpose and what is the win when it comes to outreach?

In the bigger picture, in this day and age when “church” isn’t always a good word to outsiders and church reputations can be tainted by politics and misrepresentations, how do youth ministries engage our community with love and give those outside the church a reason to like us?

All this, plus Brock survived a stop in Vegas, Shannon survived a Barbie Silent Disco, and Steve survived October in general. Plus, we solved the problem of worship preferences forever! All this on Episode 9 of the Youth Ministry Sherpas Coast to Coast with Brock, Shannon and Steve.

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