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We opened the show by discussing some relational issues. The harsh reality is that interpersonal relationship fallout carries over to the church. As much as we love people while they are going through relationship issues, our mind can go to “how will this affect the church?” It is hard to expect people to serve when they are dealing with serious turmoil in their lives! But the church still needs people to serve.

This morning we had the opportunity to talk with our friend Ronald Long about how to get students involved in serving in the church. The question that he asks is “what am I doing that a student could be doing?” He gave tips to having students serve in the student ministry, but also in the whole church. We talked about the amount of work that goes in to equipping students to serve and lead, but then discussed the value for the church for the students that comes from them serving.

We closed the show by talking about deconversions; people leaving the faith all together. We specifically referenced the statements by Spencer Chamberlain from the band Underoath. He claims, among other things, that Christianity ruined his life. We talked about the importance of having the freedom to mess up, and the reality of grace being messy.

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