In My Third Decade

Daily balance in the Student Ministry world is a pipe dream, but balance can be found over a span of time. This episode draws from a blogpost you can read here:

Time for some giveaways!
1st, if you submit a question (submit it here: and I read it on the show, you get a free download of the following month’s “Holiday or Not-a-day” game. For example, Kyle Creel is winning a download of the April version (available here:

2nd is the BIG contest. At the end of April I’m going to pick not one, but TWO winners through the Pick Me Game on the DYM Games App. Those winners will each win what I’ve dubbed the “Super Super Pack”… my three Super Packs. 30 total resources individually valued at over $200.
The Senior Super Pack:
The Parents Super Pack:
The Super Sexy Super Pack:

There will be multiple ways to enter your name, and you can get multiple entries.
To start, leave a 5 Star Rating and submit a review on iTunes for one entry, and then another 5 Star Rating and review on the “My Third Decade” Facebook Page:

More ways to enter still to come!

Finally, a subtle recommendation if you want to start reading Marvel Comics. Check out Marvel Unlimited (not a sponsor… yet!)

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