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Episode 5 might be our most fun — and honest — yet. Brock and Shannon survive the “Great California Hurriquake” of 2023, right before Fall Kickoff (always fantastic). There’s nothing quite like that early momentum and seeing all our kids come back for another year together. But as much as we love students, we have to admit some are harder for us to like than others. Following up on our conversation last week about people who don’t like us, we discuss the types of students we don’t necessarily like. How can we love them anyway? Then Brock brings us our “Get to Know You” question, and it’s a good one. If you could host any band, living or dead, in your backyard, who would it be? (It’s a good thing this can’t happen or Shannon would probably black out.) Finally, how do we navigate the tension between championing our ministries and celebrating the whole church? It’s “Youth Ministry with the Windows Down!” Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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