In Youth Ministry Sherpas

It’s our fourth episode, and we keep learning more about each other. We discover that there are actually people (at least one) who don’t like Brock. Or Steve. (Of course everyone loves Shannon.) How do we handle the inevitability of not being liked by everyone? Next, with school starting back up, we talk about the school choices church families make. Is there a difference between homeschool, private school and public school kids? Do our ministries reflect the diversity in those choices? And how do we lessen the pressure on parents to “make the right choice.” Lastly, anyone in youth ministry knows that churches can hurt us. Each of us has seen and experienced a lot of hard things among God’s people, but somehow we are still committed to doing this thing in our local churches. All this, plus discovering the skeletons (or mannequin arms) in one another’s youth ministry closet! It’s “Youth Ministry with the windows down!” Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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