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Over the weekend we had the chance to participae in the 2ndAnnual Church Safety and Liability Conference. We moderated a pannel discussion with people who were far more serious, and armed, than we were. Andrew shot a bunch of people in simulator that went through different church safety scenarios. It was determined that he should never have a gun.

This morning we got to talk about some of the thngs we have been preaching lately. A few weeks ago we were both preaching the same sermon at the same time on a Sunday morning. We have worked together and collaberated on youth ministry sermons for years, but this was a first. We were literally texting eachother at 7am Sunday morning to make sure our messages were as good as they could be.

We talked about modifying teaching resources to better fit our personal preaching styles, or a specific ministry context, and had a fun discussion in the facebook comments about how long a sermon should be. We all agreed that 900 words was too many.

We have a new resource in the DYM store called Neighbor. It would be wonderful for any volunteers coving youth group while you are at DYM 200 or NYWC. It comes with everything you need for a night of programming, and can be found here.

Have we got a deal for you! Our biggest resource ever in the DYM store, the One Year. One Click. Bundle is being offered for just $30! This is only happening for this week, so don’t miss out!.

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