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It’s the 3rd episode of the Youth Ministry Sherpas ** Coast to Coast ** and we are having a great time together! The Barbie Movie is all the rage. Steve and Shannon think it’s hilarious. Any good youth pastor (sorry Brock) should have seen it by now. What does it teach us about this cultural moment and issues facing our students, and should we re-think how we do ministry to the girls in our group? We also share what the perfect night of youth group looks like to us (hint: there will be laughter). And we talk about our teaching ideas for the fall (if we have any), the value of curriculum, and how important is it — really — to “kill it” with the message every week? All this, plus Shannon gets burned by her daughter about her pickleball skills and Brock can’t go to eat out after youth group anymore without a bottle of Tums. It’s Youth Ministry with the Windows Down! Enjoy the show!

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