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With Tim on his way to California to celebrate a decade of marriage to the wonderful Stephanie Miller, Andrew was joined this morning by Justin Halog. Justin is the director of student ministries at Faith Community Church in Seminole, FL. Which happens to be the possition that Andrew held for six years before becoming the pastor at Safety Harbor Community Church.

We discussed Justin’s first year in full time ministry and some things that he wished he would have known heading in. We talked about things that surprised him and the tings that went, at least relatively, how he expected them to go.

When Justin arrived at Faith, the ministry staff had gone from 5 to one in a period of just a few months. We discussed what was it like coming into a church that was in transition and what things are most different now from when he arrived. The church now has a strong lead pastor and is pursuing five key values that have defined a vision for the church.

We turned a bit more personal, and discussed what it was like replacing me (Andrew) and if I could have made Justin’s transition easier. We discussed the difficulty I faced from the youth pastor before me, and how some things need to be learned.

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