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Tim was out side hustling again this week, so he missed church for the second time in three weeks. We talked about what different churches require for their ministry staff attendance on Sundays, how many Sundays they can miss for personal reasons, and how many can be missed for ministry reasons. Many of the people watching expressed that they were only allowed to miss two Sundays per year. Andrew, in his previous church, missed one out of a hundred Sundays, which was way not healthy! One of the more healthy policies either of us have experienced was that every staff member was REQUIRED to miss one weekend a quarter.

Summer is here and budgets are tight. Every church has issues with summer finances. We talked about ways to get around spending freezes, how to make up for low funds, and how the summer budget affects student ministry more than the rest of the church.

We also talked about summer events. With weekly youth ministry being toned down these months, the pressure is on for big events to be stellar. Tim is having a video game truck show up at his church on wednesday night!

I’ll say I’m sorry, but I won’t take off my glasses.

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