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In this episode of the NEWLY renamed Youth Ministry Hacks Podcast, Justin and Matthew talk through chat about hacks when it comes to managing interns. They walk through how they are going about in their ministry context and offer a few wise words in packet form and legal ways to make sure your internship is legit.

If you have ever been an intern, you know it could be a great thing or a bad thing and they want to help you make your interns worth having so it’s a great experience for the both of you. Download the intern 4.0 form on

If you have any questions that you would like to be featured on the show send it over to [email protected]

  • Scott Spruill

    GOLD! Thanks for all your hard work and willingness to share. I had my first intern last summer, 2017, and had no plan other than showing her everything I do and allowing her to lead some things. The podcast gave me some excitement because I unknowingly was doing the things you said. I took her to all my meetings, allowed her to watch over as I planned events and why I did the things the way I did them, went through our budget and how it works, and went through My First Two Years in Youth Ministry. But now I am using the form and creating an actual outline of expectations and curriculum, yes my pastors laughed at the idea but when described they were happy about it and understood it. It also helps because I will be having 2 summer interns and I want them to know that they each have something specific and its not off the cuff. Thanks for the episode!

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