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Episode 12: But We’ve Always Done It That Way!
Brock is still on sabbatical, but Shannon and Steve connect for a great conversation about tradition, innovation, and who should be playing in the Super Bowl this year.
Youth Ministry is usually on the cutting edge of church culture, which means we are always up for trying something new. At the same time, creating stability and traditions for our students can be a valuable gift. How do we know when to change it up, and how do we know when “We’ve Always Done It That Way” is the right answer?
Our second segment is about our ability to “Wing It.” Knowing ourselves and our youth ministry brethren, we wonder if procrastination is a curse or necessary part of the youth pastor gene? How does that impact our effectiveness, and what can we do about it?
By the time you hear this our hopes will be either realized or dashed, but nevertheless we make our wishes known for the Super Bowl. Despite what she says, Shannon is clearly letting a certain Pop Star determine her fandom.
It’s time for Episode 12 of the Youth Ministry Sherpas Coast to Coast!

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