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The Youth Ministry Sherpas met for the very first time ever at Mariner’s Church in sunny SoCal at the Download Youth Ministry Conference. Not only did we have fun together, we also spent some time with some of the most amazing youth workers on the planet. Five of them – with a combined 140 years experience – are featured in this episode. When did they want to quit, and what got them through? The answers are honest and encouraging.

We also discovered that Shannon has been to Dick Van Dyke’s house (it figures), Brock makes 72 cents when he sells a book, and Steve has made middle school girls cry by showing them a National Geographic video of a lion eating a gazelle.
All this, and we filmed it before a life studio audience!
Thanks to Doug Fields, Josh Griffin, and the great folks at DYM!
Featured guests:David Reed
Danny Long
Jack Janigian
Jonathan Meyer
Derry Prenkert
Brock’s Book!
Dick Van Dyke’s Halloween House!
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