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GAME: Find Someone Who – New Year’s Edition

Get set for New Year’s resolutions, fireworks, and fun icebreakers! If you
want to get your students out of their seats and meeting new people before
your service, this game is for you!
This is how this game works: as students come into your service, you will
hand them the included bingo board and a pen. Students will have to meet
people and ask them to sign an appropriate box that matches something
they have experienced or can do. Here’s the catch: each person can sign
only one box on their board (unless you have a small group, then you can
change the rules). The person who fills the most boxes on their card or fills it
out completely WINS!

VIDEO: Random Facts 5-Minute Countdown

Start your service dropping some fresh KNOWLEDGE! This 5 minute
countdown delivers only the hottest facts with some fun animations that will
keep your students’ eyes on the screen. It also includes a simple 5 minute
countdown if you prefer to keep your audience in the dark about the fact
that the longest recorded flight of a chicken was 13 seconds. UP TO YOU.

MYSTERY: Ultimate Pizza Party

It’s about time we had an event centered around THE classic go-to youth
group food – PIZZA!

The Ultimate Pizza Party comes with 2 Icebreaker Games and 3 Interactive
Games that will get everyone moving. These games should start
conversations, make new connections, and all revolve around Pizza! Your
Volunteers will have multiple chances to help, connect with students, and
become the Ultimate Pizza Champ.

PARENT RESOURCE: Prayer For Spiritual Reset

The start of a New Year is a great time to remember the faithfulness of God
in the previous year and reset our hearts and lives on God and His Kingdom.
For more parenting resources like this, check out


We all have moments of pain in our past. As long as we live in a world broken
by sin, pain will be part of our story. But a painful past doesn’t have to
dictate our future. Letting go of past mistakes and hurts while learning to
look forward to God’s plans and promises is part of the growth process in the
life of a godly leader.

Social Media: January and February Social Media Packs

For February: ‘Tis the season of love! Are you needing social media content
for the month of February? This bundle includes Instagram stories, Instagram
posts, Bible verses, interactive polls, a posting calendar, and more!

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