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Every youth worker knows the struggle of navigating the mine field of social media with their students. Now we realize how serious this challenge is not only in what they post, but in what their posts do to them.

“The technology that connects us also controls us.”

The Social Dilemma ( is a documentary film about the rising effects of social media on us, our children, and our world. It’s an eye-opening look behind the scenes by the people who made the products. It’s even a bit frightening, and definitely worth a conversation.
The Sherpas are joined by our good friend Brock Morgan, youth pastor, author, and speaker, as we discuss our thoughts about the film and the challenges we face as advocates for teenagers. Can we protect ourselves and our kids from becoming pawns in a giant matrix? Can we challenge our students to be the agents of change for the future? Will we even know it if it happens, or will be just be numbers in the algorithm?

We thought it was a fascinating topic. We think you will agree.
(By the way, we are whispering right now, because we are certain we are being watched.)

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The Social Dilemma can be seen on Netflix. You can read about it here:

Check out Brock’s books at the Youth Cartel, including his latest, Beautiful Rebellion.

Beautiful Rebellion: Joining the Movement to Change the World

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