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Nothing like 4th of July week to make the congregation worship America, right? Tim got an earful for the flag not being front and center. Andrew had patriotic socks and someone wearing a “Trump 45” jeresey in the middle of the livestream. Tim accidentily orchidtrated one of the greatest youth ministry events ever, “BYOF” bring your own fireworks night.
We talked about the stresses and pressure of having to dress to preach every week. We discussed how often to repeat an outfit before people start noticing. We are both working different hours this summer than we do during the school year, and have noticed the productivity difference the different hours make.

As Tim’s church continues to go through changes, on of them is a completerebranding, complete with mission and vision statements and a new logo and abreviated name. Another change is that the elders are going out of their way to make sure the spouses and families of the staff are well loved and cared for.
We debated whether or not Father’s Day gifts were worth giving out to dads in the congregation. We talked about the pros anc cons, and got some great examples of gifts and some good reasons why churches do or don’t give them out. Andrew’s church gave out bottles of Dad’s Old Fashioned RootBeer with M&M’s attaatched to look like a bow tie. Tim’s church did nothing. But Tim did seal Andrew’s last rootbeer.

Tim had a church member take him to a baseball game to tell him that they were leaving the church. We talked about the best and worst ways we have had people leave.

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