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Is there anything more exhausting than VBS week? Andrew’s church pulled ut all the stops for a week of evening VBS with dinner for the whole family every night. The huge payoff was that most of the families came back when the kids were asked to sing on Sunday morning. It was the biggest non Christmas/Easter turnout in the two years Andrew’s been the pastor.
We debated whether or not Father’s Day gifts were worth giving out to dads in the congregation. We talked about the pros anc cons, and got some great examples of gifts and some good reasons why churches do or don’t give them out. Andrew’s church gave out bottles of Dad’s Old Fashioned RootBeer with M&M’s attaatched to look like a bow tie. Tim’s church did nothing. But Tim did seal Andrew’s last rootbeer.
Tim had a church member take him to a baseball game to tell him that they were leaving the church. We talked about the best and worst ways we have had people leave.
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