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Our students’ lives and schedules are overwhelming, high-paced, and filled with all sorts of pressures and expectations. As youth leaders, we can program retreats and camps that can help our students experience the rest for their souls that Jesus promises. In this episode, we are challenged to ask a question, “How can we program and plan our retreats so that they are not a continuation of their already hard-pressed and busy lives, but a true retreat from them?” The goal is for our retreat and camp programming to be intentional so that we all can experience the margin and rest needed.

Retreat Schedule mentioned in the podcast:

7:00pm – Registration
8:15pm – The Gathering with crowd breakers and games
9:00pm – Worship and message
10:30pm – Snacks and hang time
11:15pm – Cabins and devotion
12:00am – Lights Out

8:30am – Breakfast
9:30am – Devotional Time with group sharing after
10:00am – Crowd Breaker / Game
10:15am – Worship and message
11:15am – Organized Free Time
12:30am – Lunch
1:30pm – Retreat Games
2:15pm – Organized Free Time
4:45pm – Clean up
5:30pm – Dinner
6:30pm – Crowd Breaker / Game
7:00pm – Worship and Message
8:45pm – Snacks and Drinks / Hang / Table Games
9:30pm – Evening Activity / Fire Pit
11:00pm – Cabins and devotion
12:00am – Lights Out

8:30am – Breakfast
9:15am – Packing and Loading Trailers
9:45am – Worship and Message
11:00am – Retreat ends

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