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It’s Sunday night, and you are riding the spiritual high from all the great ministry that took place at the retreat this weekend. All your planning, effort, and prayer came together in an amazing weekend. Lives were changed. The Spirit was there! You were fulfilled. Life is great!

Until Monday. The Day After.

Or for some of us, Tuesday. The Day After the Day After.

Because the crash is coming. It always does. Just ask Moses. Or Elijah. Or any youth worker ever.

On today’s episode, Mathew puts Steve on the therapist’s couch following his big fall retreat. The emotional, physical and spiritual toll of a big weekend or week in youth ministry is no joke. Even after 30 years of doing this and even knowing it’s coming, Steve is feeling it big time. What can we do so that the crash is more of a gentle touchdown instead of a full-blown disaster.

Consider this episode two old windbags serving as two life-saving air bags for your next big event letdown!

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