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Kids are going to mess up. That’s a fact.

Blame it on their undeveloped frontal lobe. Blame it on their non-Christian friends. Blame it on yourself. Whatever the case, teenagers are going to mess up. They are going to disappoint us, embarrass us, and leave us wishing we could send them to timeout.

In fact, both of us have done that before. And we are starting to regret it.

While we want the best for our students, have high expectations for them, and want them to lean into the life God has for them, what if our response when they fail to meet our expecttions actually does more harm then good?

What if we raised the bar of grace as high as the bar of behavior?

Just some random thoughts today as we discuss the topic of what to do when our students do not meet our youth pastor expectations.

We hope it’s helpful.

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