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It’s everything we did this week to interact with Middle School students online!

Wednesday Online Youth Group:

Dance Competition
So last week we let the Freshman dictate the challenge to the student ministry. They said we should have a dance competition. It was a hit and lots of small groups completed virtually!

I Love My Phone
We stole this from Derry Prenkert and his church’s student ministry. It was a total blast and the students really loved interacting with it over the YouTube comments. Also, we cheated. Every time.
A graphic for you to use is in the resource folder link below.

I’m still not tired of these. I may never be tired of memes. Grab some of the ones we used in the resources download below.

Keep Going
Persevere! In a time where it feels like we’re seeing trial after trial, it’s important to remember the words of James and keep going! The resources folder has the follow up questions we used to drive this home with students.

Friday Zoom Lunch:

Ice Break Questions
My Zoom meetings will definitely need a little something to get them started. These questions were AWESOME. Just having some things ready to go made everyone logging in way less awkward.

Possibilites 2
We played this game over Zoom lunch. It’s available to Gold Members as a part of this month’s Member Perks. But you can still grab the first one! It made for a good Zoom call letting one student choose and answer and the rest of us try to guess what they chose.

DYM Membership

Sunday Lesson:
We started Scott Huff’s “Unplugged” series this week and I love it! Spiritual disciplines is something we really try to instill with our students. I also made a quick sheet of paper students can print off to use in helping them practice praying this week. Grab it in the folder!

Unplugged series:

All the Free Resources:

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