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It’s everything we did this week to interact with Middle School students online!

Wednesday Online Youth Group:

Bread Head
Last week we made a joke about having bread in the shape of our heads. Then we made it into a challenge! Boy did our students deliver! It was awesome! And really funny too! Maybe ask your students to bake likenesses of your pastors this week!

Who’s That Leader?
We played this game but with a twist! We shot silly string at one of the three of the pastors on camera who we all thought was the leader the screen mentioned. Funny and messy!

Quick images. Use them in your social or on your livestream. Make it happen! They’re in the folder below!

This week our high school pastor encouraged us to live a life of integrity like Daniel! It was a great talk for us and our students! You can find the leader sheet we gave our small group leaders in the folder below.

Friday Zoom Lunch:

What’s Behind The Mask?
A great game from Derry Prenkert! My students had a blast with this one! You should definitely give it a shot, whether on zoom or somewhere else! Great idea!

Sunday Lesson:
This was the third week of Scott Huff’s “Unplugged” series. I’m taking each week he planned and making it into two. The thought of putting out a 20 minute YouTube lesson gives me the twitches. We started the “Why Have a Quiet Time” lesson and I included some quiet time guides in the resource below!

Unplugged series:

All the Free Resources:


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