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Masterpiece Theater

A DYM winner! We posted this game to our Insta-story and emailed parents to let them know how to compete and then showed the compiled video with some classical music during our live show. A hit AND for DYM Gold Member’s only!

Thank You Quarantine

We totally ripped off Justin Knowles who ripped off Jimmy Fallon’s “Thank You Notes” segment and did “Thank You Quarantine” during our show. Here are the ones we used. What about you?

Student Issued Challenge

Last week and this week’s challenges went REALLY well and the winner BOTH weeks were the Freshmen. So we let them set the challenge for this next week. Just a neat way to encourage students to be engaged!


A few memes for your pleasure, insta-story, or middle school text thread.


We talked this week about how God can feel far away, no matter what’s going on in the rest of the world. We encouraged students to connect to God even when He feels far away!

Friday Zoom Lunch:

Middle School Zoom lunches have been cool but, awkward. I need a plan for each lunch or things get silent and weird. I thought this was so crazy! 

So we have an opening question, a game, and a sign off thing to do. This week’s game was The Color of Things on sidekick. Find the link for the game below and Sidekick below!

All the Free Resources:

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