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Holy Llama Lips, it’s the Fourth Season of Sherpa ShortsI

This June, for 22 straight days, we are choosing a memorable song and then riffing about how it relates to youth ministry. This year we decided to go decade by decade, choosing 2 songs each, starting with the 70s and progressing to 2021.

What’s the best decade for music? Steve says it’s the 80s. I mean, it’s hard to top Springsteen, the Police, Tom Petty, REO Speedwagon, and Michael Jackson, right? Mathew says the 80s has too much keyboard and polyester. He says it’s the 90s. Whatever – young people have so much to learn.

Anyway, we are going for 22 straight days of wisdom, laughs and surprises, creating an iconic playlist for youth workers everywhere. Sounds like podcast perfection.

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