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Brock Morgan is the reason we are here.

Well, not quite. But almost. Back when we were just starting out as podcasters in January of 2018, we reached out to Brock for an interview. He had just released his book, Youth Ministry 2027, and when we found out he lived not far from us, we thought talking to him would be a great way to build our audience.

He didn’t know us from Adam, but he was very accommodating and agreed to sit down with us. It was the beginning of a friendship, and maybe even the beginning of the Sherpas.

Two years later, we are excited to release our latest conversation with Brock as part of our Sherpa Legends series. Brock has served on the speaking team of Youth Specialties and is a frequent author for the Youth Cartel. He speaks at youth conferences, parent events and youth leader training workshops around the country. He has served at influential churches on both coasts. And he is the son of Christian hippies. No lie. He grew up on the road with parents who were part of a Jesus Movement rock band in the 70s and played for Billy Graham Crusades. Those experiences deeply shaped his theology of youth ministry, his view of students as revolutionaries, and his thoughtful approach to following Jesus. He both informs and inspires us. And we just love hanging out with him.

His parent’s band was pretty rad, too!

Enjoy our conversation with this legend of youth ministry, Brock Morgan.

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