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2019 – Everybody! Stay off your phones and off social media!

2020 – Everybody! Get on your phone and check out social media!

It feels like everything has gone online! While some middle school parents might have had concerns about their students logging onto social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, now those are some of the most prominent places where ministry is happening!

Now the question is, are our students engaging with us now that we’re online?

This week, Michelle and Ronald talk about how their students have been reacting to the new normal of being online and what they’ve been doing to increase social engagement!

Sometimes boundaries foster creativity!

How are you relieving parent concerns about being online?
In what ways are you having students interact with your online presence?
Do you feel like you’re making a difference in students’ lives even if you aren’t in the same room?
Once more for the people in the back, How long, Oh Lord?
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