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Trick Shots
We sent out a text and email request for “Trick Shot Videos” like Dude Perfect. We sent them this link and just asked them to go to town. Our group delivered! It was awesome! I’ve linked our YouTube video below as well!

Dude Perfect Video:

Our Student’s Video:

Teen Driver Quiz
During our Online Youth Group, the high school pastor asked me these questions. It went okay-is. I knew a good few of them, but we like to make students believe I’m a terrible driver. Oh well!

Again, everyone can handle a couple memes. These were our picks for this week. No clue if these are working, but we had some students send these in to us!

This week we looked at 2 Peter 1:3-11 and talked about who we are becoming is more important than what we are doing. Or, what we do will influence who we become.


Zoom Lunch:
Zoom lunch was great! Except I messed up the password I sent out to students and parents. So there was definitely some confusion about getting into the meeting, which was a bummer. But the students and leaders who did come had a good time. Semi-win!?

Download all the free stuff:

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