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We had been doing a “This is what happened during our big meeting!” Episode for a long time. Well, everything changed with COVID19, so here’s what we’re doing now! This will be a quick 5 minute or so weekly episode of how we connected with students online. Some ideas take place during our “youth group online” and others were just during the course of the week. Use, change, and get ideas for your ministry to middle school students!

MS Online This Week:

Download Everything:

Questions about Your Quarantine

You could ask these during your youth group online, on an instagram story, or to students over text! The graphics in the download are what we used for our online service and were displayed as lower thirds. The five questions we asked are there as well as the blank template. We asked questions like:

What are your favorite Quarantine Snacks?

What’s been something God is teaching you?


Just a few memes to share with students, leaders, or anyone who you’re quarantined with. We reacted to these on camera in our youth group online.

The Upper Room Questions

We took a look at some of the last words of encouragement from Jesus to His disciples in the Upper Room. In the folder is a document that you could use for small groups. Adapt and use as you see fit!

Zoom Lunch

…with a Tarantula!

We have a zoom lunch three times a week: one for middle school, one for high school, and one for our multisite location. It’s just a change to catch up, pray, and play some games together. Trying to give our students another connection point throughout the week.

Quick Draw on Sidekick

We played this game just for fun with our students who “came to lunch”. It actually didn’t work at first, so I used the list of stuff and the timer on my phone. Then it started working and we played with the graphics! Great fun!



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