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Middle School Sundays:
Well, the world has been flipped upside down! But we’re an adaptive bunch, so here’s what we’re doing for our Sunday Mornings until this COVID-19 business is all wrapped up!
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Stack It Up
I asked students to find five things from five different rooms in their house and then send me a picture of them all stacked up. I told them I’d choose a winner on Tuesday at 1 pm and send that person a prize! Here’s to making up games while social distancing!

Bible Study:
Crisis Mode
This was a great start to a series we are super pumped to get going! Instead of talking about sex right away, we focused on all relationships. Students were really dialed in!
Main Idea:
Be wise and care for others!
Ephesians 5:15-17

Everything you need to survive COVID-19 while still doing ministry:
Get the graphics for my series and the game here:

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