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This morning we dove into all things Holy Week. We talked Maundy Thursday vs Good Friday service, community service vs local church service, and everything that goes into an Easter service. This was Andrew’s first Easter as lead pastor, and he talked about what made it easier than his last year as a youth pastor. Tim was running tech in three services and organizing volunteers. It was a great Easter.

Our main block of time was spent discussing side hustles, the jobs we take that give us the funds to live and have fun! Tim side hustles for DYM, teaches on Fridays at his kids school, gives drum lessons, and works part time for a video production company. Andrew writes for DYM and performs weddings and funerals for just about anyone who asks. We came up with a list of side hustle pro tips…

-Monetize your skills, get paid for what you’re good at (Tim is a good drummer, so drum lessons make sense)

-Double dip when you can. (Andrew’s Easter message was a done months in advance for DYM, and made Easter week way easier because it was already done)

-Do something you’re passionate about, otherwise it won’t last

-Fall in love with the problem, because the solutions will change, but the problem will always be there.

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