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Episode 12 Safety, Security, and everything in between.

Today we were privileged to have Jim Howard of Trinity Security Allies, the industry leader in church safety, in with us. Jim is a retired police detective who now devotes his time to helping churches set up and maintain safety teams and policies.

We opened the show by talking about a series called “Hurt” that we released on DYM a few years ago. We have redone the look and feel of the series to minister to student and resource ministries who are addressing issues brought up by 13 Reasons Why. The news season comes out in a few weeks, and we are giving the series away to anyone who leaves us a rating and review on itunes. Just screenshot your review and send it to us and we’ll send you the series!

After discussing the ups and downs of our weeks, we brought on Jim to do a Q&A about standards and procedures of church safety. We discussed the tragedy of Southerland Springs and how future tragedies can be prevented. We discussed the importance of having policies in place before an incident, and the importance of protecting our children above all else.

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