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It was an exhausting week for both of us, nut for very different reasons. Tim went to Chicago and back, and Andrew had about six months of senior pastor responsibilities dumped into one week. Before we got into our content we talked about two DYM resources that we have in the store that could be very helpful to you you and your ministry this time of year. Since Mother’s Day is this weekend, we thought that you’d want to take a look at this stand alone message written just for Mother’s Day.

With graduations right around the corner, we know that you have several themed messages coming up. But As For Me is a complete night of programming targeted at graduation. It comes with a sermon, a small group, a game and graphics. Basically, it is everything you need to be able to have an awesome night of youth group with your seniors before they graduate.

This week Andrew had an unscheduled elder’s meeting, prayed at a county wide national day of prayer event, and then had to do back to back funerals on the same day. We talked about some of what goes into funerals, and the value of having a good relationship with a reputable funeral director. We also talked about what it is like to have to finish a sermon late on Saturday night because of the demands of a crazy ministry week.

Tim had a major tech issue at youth group, and that brought on a conversation about funny tech issues. Our favorite was a church sound board that would occasionally pick up and broadcast a Spanish radio station during worship.

We closed the show by discussing what we can do as pastors to set up guest communicators to win. We talked about giving them plenty of advance notice, going through church culture and expectations, and taking as much off their plates as possible.

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