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Today we dove into a subject that your students will no doubt be discussing in the weeks to come: 13 Reasons Why. The Show deals with suicide, self harm, and destructive behaviors that students are faced with. We have a resource in the DYM store called hurt. Hurt asks the questions “What is pain?” Why do I hurt?” and “why would God let this happen?” The series has been revised and updated to better serve ministries addressing the show and is available here.

We had DYM author, and our friend Andy Juvinall on the show today. He has also written on the topic of 13 Reasons Why, and has a new small group and discussion guide in the DYM store that can be found here.

We asked Andy what specifically about this show and this cultural moment made him want to address it. He talked about the cultural impact of suicide and suicide prevention movements, and the how the hope of the gospel is something that MUST be brought into the conversation. He talked about using the show to start conversations with parents and students about a topic that many have considered to be taboo.

We followed up last week’s tech crisis conversation with a funny story from our friend Allison, and confessed our last minute sermon writing records. It’s been a great week and we can’t wait to be with you again next week!

With graduations right around the corner, we know that you have several themed messages coming up. But As For Me is a complete night of programming targeted at graduation. It comes with a sermon, a small group, a game and graphics. Basically, it is everything you need to be able to have an awesome night of youth group with your seniors before they graduate.


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