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This morning we dove into the craziness of our busy weeks. We talked about managing weeks where several ministry events and calendars collide. We also talked about dealing with unforeseen issues during a ministry week, and balancing ministry responsibilities with the rest of life.

Both of us had preaching responsibilities on Sunday. Tim preached from Ezekiel on getting a new heart, while wearing preaching shoes. Andrew concluded his five week series in Joshua by preaching on the sun standing still in Joshua 10. To get the congregation thinking about how unique it was for Joshua to ask for time to be manipulated we played the DYM game Time Travel Trivia by Ken Leslie. It’s always fun to play a youth group game in “big church”!

We talked about communion and how we handle children, specifically our children, during a communion service.

We gave out this weeks details on how to enter our Day at Disney Contest. You can enter the contest by signing up for our mailing lists here.

We talked about what we are teaching/preaching in the coming weeks, in particular the lent series we worked on together called “Giving Up.” The series was written for DYM, but Andrew is adapting it for his whole congregation as they prepare for Easter.

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