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In this episode Sam Pettersen and Justin Herman talk about how to create an 8th Grade Transition event where students feel valued and parents are given direction.


Justin Herman is the Junior High Pastor at Mariners Church in Irvine, Ca. Growing up with a single mom who put others before herself, and positive male role models within his community and church family, Justin developed a heart and passion for youth ministry focusing on fostering meaningful relationships with parents and students during one of the more challenging times of adolescents. He uses his experiences from his own adolescence to bring life and belonging to students. His motto in his ministry is “In JHM we want to see every student with a person who knows them and a place to belong”. Justin is passionate about reaching others for Jesus, growing their faith and helping them reach other people.

Justin and his wife Brittany have two sons, Beckett (3) and Cannon (1.5), live in Irvine and enjoy spending time together as a family, and also time alone (Brittany and Justin that is)


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