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It was a busy week in ministry, as the weeks leading to Christmas often are. We were both preaching yesterday, and Andrew had a funeral and covered youth group as well. We talked church Christmas plans, and the excitement of some off time next week.

Last week we were talking about how this would be the last show of 2018, and we wanted to do something fun. We reached out to our frineds in the DYM podcast network, and boy did they deliver. We ebded up with a favorite things bundle of ten resources that they gave us to give to you! Listen to the show to find out how to get great stuff from Justin Knowles, Derry Prenkert, Jeff Bauchman, and Frank Gil (as wel as a few things from us).

We have a new resource out in the DYM store. It is a game called Dollar Store or So Much More: Christmas Edition. Students will have to decide if a bit of Christmas decore is available at the dollar store, or a higher end retailer. It is available here:

If you are looking for any Christmas teaching or game ideas, we have a ton of Christmas resources in the DYM store available here.

We love all of our sponsors, and are especially thankful for what DYM University is doing in our churches. We are so glad we get to play with them!

Thanks to Dignity Memorial, Sea Salt & Oil Company,

and Give Central for making our show possible.

Check out our other resources in the DYM store here:

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Be sure to check out the other shows in the DYM Podcast Network at



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