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Advent season is upon us, and our churches have already been busy. We’e had church wide activities, family ministry get togethers, and we’re just getting started.

We discussed about starting a new Christmas series, and finding points of application from stories that we all know so well. Andrew started a series on the four Fear Nots of the Christmas texts with Zechariah yesterday. Tim is doing a similar series with his students on Wednesday nights. Then we talked about the difficulties of doing Christmas services as the pastor’s family, especially if someone is sick.

Andrew brought up a dilema…a lady from a Bible study hit his car in the parking lot. The estimate is close to $1000 to fix a hole in the bumper on a car he paid $1800 for. We discussed the best way to move forward.

We talked about what to do with Christmas teaching, since every year we need fresh content. We discussed repeating messages, finding new content, or just changing application and illisturations. If you are looking for any Christmas teaching or game ideas, we have a ton of Christmas resoyrces in the DYM store available here.

We love all of our sponsors, and are especially thankful for what DYM University is doing in our churches. We are so glad we get to play with them!

Sea Salt and Oil Company is donating all of their procedes to Operation Christmas Child for the next two weeks. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Thanks to Dignity Memorial, Sea Salt & Oil Company,

Peek Reach, and Give Central for making our show possible.

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