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Matthew just moved to another state and once he got settled in, we are back up and running. Matthew and Justin chat through Matthew’s transition into his new role and talk through how to leave ministry and church well to best set up whomever comes after.

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  • Christi Nygren

    This was a difficult one for me to listen to — I had to break it up over the course of several days because emotions were so overwhelming. My hubby and I just left our final youth ministry position of his career, and we were not allowed to leave well. We were given one week to say goodbye to our students. One. Adults behaved like children and expected children to behave like adults, and it broke my heart.
    In the podcast, you questioned how to navigate a ministry position that ends poorly. When leadership has no interest in resolving differences with you, and no interest in even having a conversation, the only course of action is to resolve to have the attitude of Christ — to take the high road, to be humble and speak with grace and love. even when you are being mistreated and slandered. The only way we could leave our students well was to remind them who they are in Jesus, to pray with and for them, and then walk away knowing they are in God’s hands. (There is so much peace in knowing that God is ultimately in control.) It looks so simple and obvious when it is typed out like this — believe me, it is anything but when you are living through it.

    I’m so glad that Matt’s transition was a good one. Thanks for doing a podcast on the topic.

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