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Despite the Jags horiffic defeat, Tim was is good spirits, and remained loyal dressed in his Jags gear. We opened talking about what we meant to talk about last week…newbies. Tim’s church just did a newcomers lunch. Andrew’s church gives out mugs, and one of his former youth ministries had a separate lounge area for new comers. We discussed what worked well and hasn’t worked well in welcoming and assimilating newbies.

Andrew had baptism Sunday. Two young men were baptized and then welcomed into the membership of the church. Unfortunately, his tie also dipped into the baptistry, and then dripped all over the front of his pants. Everyone laughed and his feelings were hurt.

Andrew is praying at the City of Safety Harbor’s city council meeting tonight. We talked about being involved with civic events and causes. We also talked about the angles we use to make our sevices and events look fuller than they are.

This week we welcomed a new sonsor to the show, Sea Salt & Oil Company. Keep watching and listening for more info on their products and chances to win a few!

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