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We are back from DYM200, and it was refreshing and exhausting. It was so wonderful to meet first timers and reconnect with some of our favorite people. We LOVE being a part of the DYM community, but we both got reality checks as soon as we landed. Both of us had extensive dad duty, and we were both preaching just a few days after we got home.

We did two shows last week, and the timing was a little trick because of the schedule of DYM200 and being on the west coast.

If you missed episode 35 with Dr. Jim Burns, you can watch here:

or listen here:

If you missed episode 34, you can watch here:

or listen here:

Today we were joined by former frontman, current worship leader, and all around good dude Ryan Squitieri.Ryan has had some incredible experiences in the music industry, and is using those experiences to shape the way his church and especially the students and young adults in his ministry think about worship. We talked to Ryan about the state of the Christian music industry, his life as a new Bible college student, and what the church is doing right with worship.

We have a new resource in the DYM store called Neighbor. It would be wonderful for any volunteers coving youth group while you are at DYM 200 or NYWC. It comes with everything you need for a night of programming, and can be found here.

Have we got a deal for you! Our biggest resource ever in the DYM store, the One Year. One Click. Bundle is being offered for just $30! This is only happening for this week, so don’t miss out!.

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