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Is this episode, we chat about hacks about rest and margin in youth ministry. This episode could not come at a better time, mid-summer, where we all are busy, busy, busy. Jon shares some wisdom in his 17 years of ministry at his church and how he was able to last that long.

Here is everything we mentioned in the show:

Soul Keeping – John Ortberg

How’s Your Soul? – Judah Smith

Leading On Empty – Wayne Cordeiro


Running On Empty – Jeanne Mayo (


Soul Detox – Craig Groeschel

How’s Your Soul – Judah Smith

Soul Rest – Curtis Zachary


Soul Keeping Guide Download Link


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  • Erin

    I would love the link to the Soul Keeping Guide. It isn’t showing it for me to click on. Thanks! It was a great episode with a lot great thoughts on implementing into our context.

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