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Hey World! We are live today from a hotle room in Irivine, CA. We skipped church this yesterday, and everything worked out just fine without us. It was a great week to turn over things to volunteers and other staff.

We were joined by 8 of our closest friends in the room this morning to talk about our pre DYM 200 prep. We are so excited for this week, and to do another show LIVE from DYM 200 tomorrow night!

We closed the show by talking about times we have had to appologize or take ownership for something we had no controll over in ministry for the sake of the ministry. So many of our friends who were hano=ing out had so much to add. It was a great show!

We have a new resource in the DYM store called Neighbor. It would be wonderful for any volunteers coving youth group while you are at DYM 200 or NYWC. It comes with everything you need for a night of programming, and can be found here.

Have we got a deal for you! Our biggest resource ever in the DYM store, the One Year. One Click. Bundle is being offered for just $30! This is only happening for this week, so don’t miss out!.

Check out our resources in the DYM store here:

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Thanks to Dignity Memorial, Peek Reach, and Give Central for making our show possible!

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