In What It Is, What It Means

Join us for the latest episode of “What it is. What it Means!”, where Jeff and Shara talk the good…the bad…and the ugly of the Superbowl.  They ask the question, “Do you have Olympic Fever?  And why should I care about these fantastic jeans from Target?!?!  All that and so much more on this episode.

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  • Ty Hirsch

    Just wanna leave a PSA to say that In ‘N Out is also here in Dallas. It’s probably not as good but we do have it.

    • Jeff Bachman

      I can’t imagine it would be any different and you (like us) are blessed to have it. I am told I need to try Whataburger and it rivals In N Out.

  • Kyle Creel

    Hey Bachmans!

    Just wanted to say I am enjoying the podcast, and not just because of the great content, but I’ve been listening to it while I work out each morning because the sound of Jeff’s smug voice pushes me to work harder to beat him in the Youth Pastor Diet. (Just kidding!)

    Real comment though, not wanting to start a fight here, but I thought the MLK Superbowl commercial was one of the few ads I enjoyed or even thought was something I could use as an illustration in church (after all he was really quoting Jesus). Maybe it’s a Midwest mindset that the ad was looking to reach, and so it doesn’t please all people, I can’t say for sure, but wanted your thoughts on using it as a sermon illustration.

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