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This morning we are both excited and exhausted. Excited because we are both back live and in person for the first time in several weeks, but we’re a bit sleepy cause we were out late since our homie Josh Griffin was in town! We are so excited that NYWC is going to be in our back yard next November.

This morning we talked about the real stinker Timmy had to deal with at church yesterday…someone pooped at church. We dove into the messy sides of ministr and how being wiling to do what noone else wants to do gives you buy in and credability with your people.

We have a new resource about to come out on DYM, and we gave a little sneak of both the message and the game. It is called, Neighbor, and is a deep look at the Good Samaratian. You can win it before it is even in the DYM store by letting us know that you have left a review for our show and another show in the DYM Podcast network.

Andrew’s church celebrated a birthday yesterday, and we talked about celebrating the people that serve in the church.

Next week is our 30thEpisdoe and we have a great offer from DYM to celebrate, BUT you’ll have t tune in next week to find out what it is!

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