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Tim was out being a youth pastor this morning, taking his kids to camp. He’ll be back next week, and we’ll have Derry Prenkert with us to talk all things camp. You won’t want to miss it! Today we had Riley Lesterin the hot seat. We talked about his weird path to full time employment, impending changes, and social evolution. It was a great show.

Riley is the high schooll pastor, and only student ministry staffer, at Cross Pointe Church, a large multi site church in Georgia. He’s been there a year. It is also Riley’s first full time job in church world, despite finishing a church ministries degree four years ago. Riley felt God calling him to a specific kind of church setting, so instead of taking the first job he was offered, he volunteered and interned at churches that he would want to attend. This led to a year long residency and eventually a full time position, but it was certainly the path less taken.

Riley is also about to get married. For the past year he has been in Georgia while his fiance, Savannah, has been in North West Arkansas. We talked about how his relationships and availability to his students would be shifting in the coming weeks and months.

Finally, Riley and I (Andrew) talked about our relationship, and how it has changed from him being a student of mine, to now being one of my closest friends. We talked about the benefits of long term ministry, and why discipling individual students matters.

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