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In this episode Jeremy Poland, Creative Director of 4640 Students, gives us a crash course into Social Media and we talk about 9 creative ways to be better at reaching students.

Jeremy’s Crash Course
oFollow Your Student’s on Social Media
oLike their stuff and comment
oMake “Snapcode Posters” to put around your youth room
oOffer behind the scene freebies
oUse Stories to Entertain
oStudents aren’t on social media to be informed
oPost when students are getting out of school
o8:30-9pm is when most students are on their phone
oPost photos of students
oPick the most interesting pictures
oTag Students; A person’s favorite word is their name
oWhether they know it or not.
oHave someone run your stories during the service(Snapchat or Instagram)
oDon’t post too much; students get frustrated with clicking through spam
oDon’t post more than 5-6 times on your story per hour
oCreate a 3-way Balance in Content
o33% photos of students and their friends
o33% quotes from the message and scripture
o33% funny photos of games/funny moments/memes
oSet Up a Photo Share System for staff/volunteers/students
oiCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox

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Hipstergrams Winter Edition by Tim Wildsmith
Spring/Summer Geofilters for Snapchat by Sam Pettersen


  • Michael Jannsch

    Great episode, and calling it a crash course in social media for youth was a great description. I’m playing catch-up in some of your episodes, but I liked the advice on how to use social media for youth; specifically the tips on using Snapchat (and IG Stories). Thanks for the episode!

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