In My Third Decade

Look, I get it. Most ministries do not have the luxury of hiring on administrative staff. However, we all need and have those behind the scenes/detail people who make our run smoother and look far better than it would if we were running it on our own.

Janelle Prenkert (my wife) and Kristy Mikel (a former student and mentee of my wife who turned into her best friend) are the two primary Administrative Assistants I’ve had over my time in my role. We sit down together and talk about our stories, why they love what they do, and best practices between the up front and behind the scenes team members.

Kristy is now on the mission field in Thailand and doing amazing things to empower the underprivileged and marginalized along the Thai/Burma border. For more information on Outpour Movement and specifically the Braverly go to the following places.

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  • Ashley Escamilla

    Loved listening to this podcast! Definitely encouraged by the conversation with you and Dawson!

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